Hacienda Aurora de Jesus: Taste sunshine in every sip! Choose creamy, pasteurized milk, perfect for everyday enjoyment, or pick “Raw” within the options for unfiltered, enzyme-rich farm-fresh milk (please be sure to pick that option). Both sourced from happy, grass-fed cows, naturally brimming with goodness. 1L of pure Ecuadorian paradise awaits. Order yours today!

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Craving a taste of pure goodness? Look no further than Hacienda Aurora de Jesus milk 1L plastic bottle, straight from their happy, grass-fed cows. Every velvety drop whispers tales of lush Ecuadorian pastures and the dedication of passionate farmers.

Two ways to savor paradise:

  • Classic (Pasteurized): Enjoy peace of mind with our gently pasteurized milk, retaining its key nutrients while ensuring freshness. Perfect for everyday breakfasts, creamy lattes, or baking up a storm.
  • Raw (Upon Request): For the purists, whisper “Raw Please” in your checkout note. We’ll deliver your milk, untouched by heat, brimming with its full spectrum of enzymes and nature’s untouched essence. Ideal for cheesemaking, smoothies, or simply savoring the unadulterated taste of the land.

More than just a beverage, it’s a promise:

  • Grass-grazed goodness: Our cows roam freely on sun-kissed pastures, naturally enriching their milk with Omega-3s and CLA, surpassing grain-fed options.
  • Ethical heart, healthy promise: We prioritize animal welfare, using antibiotics only as a last resort and never resorting to growth hormones. Taste the difference that comes from respecting nature.
  • Locally sourced, globally celebrated: Support sustainable farming practices and connect with the heart of Ecuador in every sip. Hacienda Aurora de Jesus milk – a story of dedication, sunshine, and pure, wholesome goodness.

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